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American Trust
Crafting Prestige, Building Luxury Beyond Expectations.

American Trust, a group synonymous with quality, dedication and trustworthiness giving a definite and distinctive look to India's perception for over a decade now with more than 800 projects completed across the world in traditional house construction.

Our rich experience in the field of construction has proved to be a vital ingredient in our success leading to us venturing into Modular construction since the dawn of 2012 with an aim of extending our services all over India & Abroad.


+91 6282506050
American Trust
Hassle Free Stronger Builds.
Readymade Home & Traditional Home

Discover the efficiency and quality of manufacturing components off-site in controlled environments, ensuring enhanced quality control, faster production, and potential cost savings by minimizing on-site labor.

Despite lower initial costs, traditional construction services may encounter potential increased labor expenses and longer timelines.

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+91 6282506050
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American Trust.
Readymade Construction
Luxury Design

Designed by using more valuable materials alongside Precast does it feel truly luxurious.

High Strength & Quality

They are designed and constructed to have a high span to depth ratio whichhelps to bear loads better.

Rust Resitant

Precast do not rust, rot or degrade when exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Fire Resistant

They are prefabricated and preinstalled. Larger elements are checked byspecialized professionals before installing the units.

Water & Heat Resistant

Precast allows to withstand all elemental changes more successfullythan traditional concrete building.

Termite Resistant

We have experts who monitor the work and ensure 100%quality and longerlife cycle.


Reusing structures in new structures is a rarely considered sustainability strategy

Best For Multi Storey

Large amounts of high-quality buildings can be built in a very short space of time with precast concrete flooring and precast stairs.

Low Maintenance cost

Unlike other materials, which may need regular treatments or upkeep to maintain their appearance and performance, precast concrete requires minimal maintenance.


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